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NATURAL BEAUTY - treatment programme

Skin Fantastique’s all Natural Beauty Treatment Programme contains Vitamins C, A and E, amino acids and natural plant extracts (mostly indigenous to the Western Cape), plus seaweed to eliminate free radicals, increase circulation and cellular metabolism . The high level concentrations of vital trace elements and plant proteins facilitate the repair of skin damage, softens the appearance of age spots, fine lines and wrinkles, rehydrates and balances moisture in the skin, while helping to reduce scar tissue and clear acne. The absorption of these components is easier, due to its biocompatibility, non-toxicity and bio-degradability. This perfectly balanced skin care programme helps lymph drainage, accelerates cell renewal and stimulates healthy blood flow, while re-hydrating the skin.

Anti-Pigmentation Skin Smoothing Cream is used only if needed as part of the programme, i.e. pigment spots or acne scarring. Use only on the affected areas.

Skin Fantastique Vitamin Supplements Slow Release Pills : Take one in the morning with breakfast for a healthy glowing skin and nails.
NB: Always use added sun protection when going out into the sun at least a SP factor of 60 to 90. This will help to maintain the progress you are making with your beauty program.


Daily Application
1.Sea-Sational Gel Facial Wash
2.Rehydrating Toner
3.Anti-Pigmentation Skin Smoothing
4.Rejuva-Lift Day Cream
5.Firming Day Eye Cream
6.Firming Night Eye Cream
Night Application
1.Sea-Sational Gel Facial Wash
2.Sea-Sational Gel Facial Mask (Apply 3 times a week)
3.Rehydrating Toner Cream (second and third week)
4.Anti-Pigmentation Skin Smoothing Cream
(first, second and third week)
5.Rejuva-Lift Night Cream
Skin Fantastique products are available at the following outlets:

Cape Town:
Golconda Hydro Spa - 021 5518819
Bantry Bay Pharmacy - 021 4392290
So Well Health Shop - 021 9818039
Wheelers Pharmacy - 021 7903136

Hypermarket Faerie Glenn - 012 9910311
Hypermarket East Rand Mall - 011 8998600
Hypermarket Bedworth Park - 016 9851240


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