Universal Cosmetic Manufacturers, with some 30 years experience in the industry, strives to produce international quality ranges of natural products in the hair and beauty sector. Under the leadership of Lucille Pegg (Managing Director), this highly innovative and competitive company has a diverse range of Naturally derived products from hair care, bath products and skin products, as well as a registered veterinary range under the Act 36 in the natural remedies category B2 small animals act.

It also offers research development facilities of product ranges on request for individual companies for their own brands and contract manufacturing to the cosmetic industry. UCM enjoys an enviable reputation in the local hair care, skin care, medical and veterinary sectors, by consistently producing natural based parity products that

Compete favourably in the local marketplace and actively focusing on the development and innovative products that can stand alone as unique and successful brands.

The vision of the company is to now capture the attention of the world market with its new-age outlook and excellent quality, together with the Rand making the products very attractive to world markets. As proud South African manufacturers, the company has endeavoured to utilize natural oils and plant extracts only found in South Africa, incorporating this into its approach of only using natural resources along with internationally recognized top quality raw materials. In the same way creating job opportunities for the local community.

The company has obtained both SASO (SAUDI ARABIAN STANDARDS ORGANISATION) as well as EU (European Union) acceptance under Article 7(a) of the cosmetic standard, for both packaging and raw material contents. Furthermore it has gained recognition from a number of leading beauty magazines editors and was awarded a special mention by the panel of the 2003 Marie Claire "Prix'd Excellence" awards. The UCM stable of products is often mentioned in leading magazines as adhering to the highest production standards resulting in premium quality products at affordable prices. We are also now negotiating with the United States of America after visiting several countries.

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