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www.HAIRFANTASTIQUE.com HAS DESIGNED A UNIQUE NATURAL PLANT DERIVATIVE TREATMENT PRODUCT RANGE TO SUIT ALL YOUR HAIR CARE NEEDS - By combining international research and collaboration, plus natural flora indigenous to the Western Cape, South Africa, makes our products stand out proudly from the rest. Universal Cosmetic Manufacturers prides themselves with the most effective natural specialist hair care range needed for today’s climatic conditions. By treating your hair with the Hair Fantastique Product Range, you will have a head of hair to be proud of.

YOUR HAIR’S STRUCTURE IS COMPLEX. With different lifestyles having animpact on how your hair looks and feels everyday, Hair Fantastique’s unique range of Professional Products has been developed to overcome these problems. Our aim is to maximise your hair’s own beauty, naturally. It is the condition of the hair that counts. A beautiful hairstyle is only made perfect with healthy hair.

USING THE LATEST TECHNOLOGY AND INNOVATIVE FORMULAE, A UNIQUE HAIR FANTASTIQUE EXPERIENCE IS GUARANTEED - in the hands of your hairdresser, offering you the correct diagnosis, beauty rituals and consultation.

HYDROTRITICUM WWW - a wheat amino acid complex, penetrates the stratum cornea and hair cuticle to moisturise from within, making it an ideal ingredient for both leave-in and rinse-off treatment shampoos and conditioners, as well as stay-on finishing products. Super refined vegetable derived oils contain Gammalanolenic Acid, helping to incorporate the perfect combination for all types of hair from fine to the most chemically damaged hair types.

UV AND UV-B ABSORBERS help to preserve the hair fibre strength and protect surface proteins and lipids. It helps to preserve the hair’s natural colour and prevents colour fade on tinted hair. Add to this the fact that Hair Fantastique is absorbed at all porosity levels, makes it the perfect choice for your hair.

NO ANIMAL EXPERIMENTATION was used in the research or production of the www.HAIR FANTASTIQUE.com hair care products.


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